Enkhuizen to Urk

July 2017

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On a wonderful warm July day, I decided to revisit the former island of Urk, but this time avoiding the lengthy journey by train and several buses by taking the ferry across the IJsselmeer from Enkhuizen. These images reflect the character of that day, and show Urk in its best light.

Trains at the station in Enkhuizen
The Enkhuizen VVV where tickets for the trip are bought
A harbour scene in Enkhuizen
The ship Zuiderzee, that makes the crossing of the IJsselmeer.
Approaching Urk with its lighthouse and the nearby turbine farm prominent.
The Urk shoreline from the ferry
Urk marina
The Urk orca
The impressive Urk lighthouse
Urk marina viewed from the lighthouse
Looking down from the lighthouse to the streets and beaches of Urk
A small shipyard with ships out of the water for maintanance
A typical Urker house and garden
A typical Urker house and garden
Washing drying in front of an Urker house
A typical Urker house and garden
Tree-lined Raadhuisstraat - Urk's main street
Typical Urk street scene
A popular waterfront cafe
Wooden hulled sailing boats tied up at the waterfront
Kerkje aan de Zee
(Church by the Sea)
Monument to fishermen who lost their lives fishing in the Zuider Zee
The IJsvlet which used to cross the Zuider Zee on gliders during winter