Creag Pitridh

March 1988

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On a wonderfully clear day during March 1988 I set out on foot from Luiblea to tackle the snow-covered peaks of Creag Pitridh, Geal Charn and Beinn a'Chlachair. Above 600 metres, everything was under a firm blanket of crisp snow, and the sun shone from a cloudless sky for much of the day.

Creag Pitridh and Geal Charn from near Aberarder
Beinn a'Chlachair from near Luiblea
Creag Pitridh Geal Charn and Beinn a'Chlachair from near Moy
Looking up Allt Coire Pitridh towards Creag Pitridh
Creag Meagaidh and Binnein Shuas from Creag Pitridh
Beinn a'Chlachair from Creag Pitridh
Summit: Geal Charn
Carn Dearg, Geal Charn and Aonach Beag from Geal Charn
Creag Meagaidh and Creag Pitridh (in foreground) from Geal Charn
Loch a'Bealach Leamhain from NE Ridge of Beinn a'Chlachair
View towards Creag Meagaidh from NE Ridge of Beinn a'Chlachair
View towards Beinn a'Chaoruinn from NE Ridge of Beinn a'Chlachair