September 2012

Good weather allowed me the chance to combine visits to old haunts like Maastricht and Valkenburg with some new adventures. I did in fact visit Arnhem and the Openluchtmuseum way back in 1983, but memories from those day are dim, and a return seemed a good idea. Completely new were trips to the picturesque village of De Rijp and the Railway Museum in Utrecht.

Martinuskerk from St Servaasbrug

Hotel In den Ouden Vogelstruys

Spire of St Janskerk

Helpoort - Maastricht

Vinktoren - Maastricht

Valkenburg Station

Kasteel den Halder - Valkenburg

Oude Stadhuis - Valkenburg

Wilhelminatoren - Valkenburg

Hans en Grietje Huis - Valkenburg

Ruined castle - Valkenburg

Valkenburg from the castle Ruin

The Pillory

Inside the Ruined Castle

De Rijp - Main Street

De Rijp: The old Waag by the Canal

De Rijp: Church and Churchyard

De Rijp: Restaurant 'Oudejans'

Re Rijp: View over the Canal

De Rijp: Another Canal View

De Rijp; Bridge at Kleine Dam

Arnhem: Duivelshuis

Arnhem: Waalse Kerk

Arnhem: Sabelpoort

A Farm at the Openluchtmuseum

Wind powered sawmill

Large Farm House

Dubbel Ophaalbrug

Typical Zaanse Houses

Inside the tram Depot

A Zaanstreek Garden

A formal Zaanse Garden

Hunebed D8 - Kniphorstbos

Hunebed D10 - Gasteren

Hunebed D14 - Eexterhalte

Hunebed D27 - Borger

Hunebed D43 - Schimmeres

Hunebed D45 - Emmerdennen

Utrecht: Railway Museum

Utrecht: Railway Museum

Utrecht: Railway Museum

Utrecht: Railway Museum