February 2008

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This is not the way it should be!

Villages in the glens experiencing temperatures of 16°C; deep blue skies from dawn till dusk; scarce a breath of wind—and on February 12! Indeed, it was so summer-like that I had to remove my sweater within five minutes of setting off—and it was only once reaching the saddle at 900 metres that protection was required from cool winds funnelling across the corrie.

Overall, this was a memorable winter's day. A day in a thousand. An experience you could wait years to repeat.

Lochnagar from near Spittal of Glenmuick
Snow on the Flank of Cuidhe Crom
On the Track
Meikle Pap
Ascending the 'Ladder'
Conachraig from the Plateau
Frozen Loch Lochnagar
Approaching the Cliffs
Ascent to the Plateau
View back to Meikle Pap
Lochnagar Summit seen from the Top of Black Spout Gulley
Snow cornices at the corrie edge
Cornices at the cliff edget
Lochnagar summit viewed across the Left-Hand Branch gulley
Summit Panorama