This is a small program designed for the batch renaming of folders of JPEG digital photographs. Photographs from several cameras can be arranged in chronological order by renaming them with their Exif acquisition dates then custom renamed with number prefixes and user text.


This program allows you to scan folders of digital photographs and view their embedded Exif data (which contains details such as creation date, shutter speed, aperture and much more ...). The latest version also displays any embedded GPS data. Version 1.95 now allows you to create an htm file in the folder containing your photographs, which you can load into you browser to view the locations where they were taken on either a Google Map or a Bing Map.

Photo Viewer

This simple program allows you to open a folder of digital photographs and quickly scan through them. The default option fits all photographs to the screen, but there are also options to display full size and start a slideshow.
Photo Viewer is precisely what it says: this software has no image processing features.

Plot GPS Data Maps

If you have a camera that geotags its photographs, then this simple program can extract the GPS EXIF data and generate Google Maps and Bing Maps with the location of each photo displayed by a marker icon. Appropriate HTML files are saved in the image folder and can be displayed in your internet browser.


This is a basic Satellite Tracking Program for weather satellites.

CLUT Creator

This utility offers an easy route to developing Colour Lookup Tables (CLUTs) for use with SatSignal . New CLUTs can be developed and tested on thumbnail NOAA images at each stage.

HRPT Console

This is a unified 'front-end' which simplifies use of HRPT Reader and GroundMap by providing an interface to access these programs' command-line parameters without having to create Command/Batch Files.

Metop Browser/Joiner

This is a passive application designed to browse quickly through the thumbnail images accompanying the Metop .HPT telemetry 'chunks'. The software can also combine up to six .HPT 'chunks' into a larger file for processing with HRPT Reader.

Metop File Splitter

This utility has been designed to split 560 MB full-orbit dumps of Metop telemetry from the NOAA CLASS Archive into smaller files which can be processed efficiently using HRPT Reader.

AVHRR File Splitter

A utility to trim AVHRR files from both NOAA CLASS Archive and EUMETCast for more efficient storage by excluding areas outwith the region of interest.

GAC File Splitter

This utility has been designed to split GAC telemetry files ordered from the NOAA CLASS Archive. Where an ordered file contains two images of the same region, the program can automatically split these into separate files. If you order full-orbit GAC data from CLASS, this program also allows you to trim off unwanted sections.

ETOPO2 Earth Mapper

This program reads the the NASA 2-minute global relief dataset of Earth to create relief maps of selected regions of our planet. There are options to apply a number of land and seabed colour schemes.

Mars MOLA Mapper

This program uses the MOLA 64 pixel/degree Mars altimetry dataset to create relief maps of the planet Mars.

Mars High Resolution Mapper

This program uses the MOLA 128 pixel/degree Mars altimetry dataset to create high resolution relief maps of the planet Mars.

GEO Quarterly Index v 2.34

This program is a searchable index to all articles that have appeared in GEO Quarterly, the magazine of the Group for Earth Observation between 2003-2020 inclusive.

Wxsat v 2.59

This is the original free APT software that decodes satellite signals using the PC soundcard as an interface. Note: This software does NOT run on Windows 10 or 64-bit WIndows 7. It requires either 32-bit Windows XP or 32-bit Windows-7.


David Taylor's WAV file decoder/processor for APT WAV files created by WXsat. The basic program is free, but registration opens up a number of processing enhancements.


This is a fully automatic APT scheduling and decoding program, combining the functionality of WXsat and SatSignal. The basic program is free but registration is required to access its advanced features. Available in both Windows and LINUX versions.


David Taylor's satellite tracking program is one of the most advanced applications of its genre.

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