Enthusiasts are now receiving transmissions from Russia's Meteor M2 Oceanographic Satellite and producing 1 km/pixel resolution images rivalling the HRPT from the NOAA and Metop satellites. But, as with these satellites, the images are foreshortened towards the extremities of the image swath, as shown in the left hand image panel below.

SmoothMeteor is a development from the SmoothMODIS program which stretches Meteor images laterally to compensate for the foreshortened view from satellite.

 SmoothMeteor can load sets of greyscale images produced by the AMIGOS project (both jpg and bmp images), and combine them into a colour composite image which can then be rectified as normal. Full Details are in the Help File.

Download link for the Smooth Meteor v 1.75 setup file (848 kB).

Double-click on the smoothmeteor-setup.exe file to install the program. Use of the software should be obvious, but there is a Help File for those who require it.

One instance has been reported of Windows 10 refusing to instal SmoothMeteor from the '.exe' installer.
If you encounter this problem, try installing from the zipped version from the link below. This zip file extracts into the 'Smooth Meteor' folder on your hard drive, but does not add shortcuts - you will have to do this manually yourself.

Download link for the Smooth Meteor v 1.75 ZIP file (605 kB).

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