WXSAT information

- Latest WXSAT Keplerian Elements from CELESTRAK -

Information Related to Weather Satellites

General Information

GEO-Subscribers YAHOO! Group.
Miroslav Gola's Satellite page from the Czech Republic Looking at the Earth from Space
Decoding and Tracking Software from David Taylor
Marius Rensen's HF-FAX Site
WXSAT v 2.59 Soundcard Decoding Software

Weather Satellite Imagery

Ferdinand Valk's Geostationary Images of the Day (Netherlands).
Enrico Gobbetti's Meteor M2 Images from Italy.
Robert C Mazur's website (Canada).
Johannes Minus' Meteor Images (LRPT) (Germany).
Unkebe's Weather Satellite Imaging (Florida, USA).
Yatharth Verma's weather satellite images recorded at Chandigarh, India.