WXSAT information

- Latest WXSAT Keplerian Elements from CELESTRAK -

When the list of elements appears, right-click over it and
select "Save as" from the drop-down menu that appears.

Information Related to Weather Satellites

General Information

GEO-Subscribers IO Group.
Miroslav Gola's Satellite page from the Czech Republic Looking at the Earth from Space
Decoding and Tracking Software from David Taylor
WXSAT v 2.59 Soundcard Decoding Software
Decoding the Meteor-M Satellites by 'Happysat': Setup Meteor M-N2/N2-2 with LRPT-Decoder
Meteor-M Satellites by 'Happysat': Meteor M series Satellite Status
APT Group on Facebook Discussion forum for NOAA APT and Meteor LRPT

Weather Satellite Imagery

Ferdinand Valk's Geostationary Images of the Day (Netherlands).
Enrico Gobbetti's Meteor M2 Images from Italy.
Robert C Mazur's website (Canada).
Unkebe's Weather Satellite Imaging (Florida, USA).
Yatharth Verma's weather satellite images recorded at Chandigarh, India.