Easy installation Guide for the Meteors M2-3 & M2-4 Satellites

by Cees van der Laan

Cees van der Laan has compiled an extremely thorough and detailed guide to installing a working MeteorGIS system on a computer. Rather than rely on my own ready-to-go installation package, Cees details all the steps required
to enable the enthusiast to install such a system completely from scratch.

Cees describes
All the required items of hardware
How to install the RTL SDR stick
How to configure the SDRSharp software
How to set up the DDE Scheduler in SDRSharp.
The use of an ATIS radio signal to fine-tune the Tuner Correction ppm in SDRSharp
How to set up all the essential parameters in Orbitron
The use of the MeteorGIS configurator to achieve the output images you require
The final page provides an extensive list of web addresses relating to Meteor satellite imaging
All the above are described and explained in great detail in Cees' 39 page PDF document

To download Cees van der Laan's detailed PDF guide to installing a MeteorGIS system on your computer

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