Meteor-M Images

If you were active in APT weather satellite imaging in the 1980s and early 1990s, you will remember the old Soviet Meteor satellites. But the last of these, Meteor 3-03 failed in late 1993, and no Russian satellite had transmitted in the 137 MHz band since: until 2014, that is. July 8, 2014 was the day that Meteor M2 was launched, a satellite transmitting LRPT on 137.1 MHz. With an RTL-SDR Dongle, free software and using the same Turnstile or QFH antenna as for APT, it is now feasible to download images from the new Meteor.
And there is a bonus: image resolution is 1 km/pixel, the same as NOAA HRPT imagery.

NOTE : Full-size images can be revealed by clicking on each individual thumbnail.