WXtoImg Upgrade Key Problem

In February 2016, The WXtoImg website made available a set of Upgrade Keys for this popular satellite acquisition software, effectively making the product Freeware. These keys were as follows:

2016 Standard Edition Upgrade Key
Install in Help -> Enter Upgrade Key (use upper/lower case exactly as below):
Full Name: WXtoImg Standard
Email Address: your email address
Upgrade Key: EDG9-T4PH-QFPT-G86U-FB2X
2016 Professional Edition Upgrade Key
Full Name: WXtoImg Professional
Email Address: your email address

Everything went smoothly until February 20, 2017, when enthusiasts who had taken advantage of this free offer suddenly discovered that their WXtoImg installations had reverted to the old limited-functionality Shareware Version.

It should be emphasised that this problem did not affect users who had purchased personal WXtoImg Upgrade Keys in previous years. Their software continues to work perfectly.

2017 Upgrade Keys

It seemed that the situation would be resolved when a new set of "2017 WXtoImg Upgrade Keys" were posted on the WXtoImg website. Unfortunately, these just do not work. They are total duds! I have attempted to contact Craig Anderson (who authored WXtoImg) using both his personal email address and also wxtoimg-l-owner@yahoogroups.com, but without success. He remains stoically incommunicado.

How to overcome this problem

Although is is a bit of a fiddle, you can regain full functionality of WXtoImg by following these steps:

1In Windows Control Panel open Date and Time and roll the Year back to 2016
2Using the 2016 Upgrade Keys, WXtoImg will now open correctly.
3Advance the Year back to 2017 (so that current keplerian elements work correctly).
WXtoImg will now function correctly until either the program, or the PC, is shut down.

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