Metop Orbit-Dump File Splitter

This software was developed as a means of splitting full 650 MB orbit dumps of Metop-A HRPT telemetry data into more manageable files. Such data is available from the NOAA CLASS Archive; this is what you obtain when you order Metop-A data but do not select a region on the World Map.

You can also use the program to trim unwanted areas from standard NOAA HRPT and LAC files.

Download Metop File Splitter (660 kB).

Double-click on the Metop File Splitter-setup.exe file install the program.

GAC File Splitter

This software is very similar, but is designed to split/trim lower resolution GAC telemetry data.

GAC files of specific regions are often delivered containing two non-contiguous images of the same area (because the original orbit-dump file may cover the same area at the extremities of the orbit). This program recognises this situation and first offers to split the file into two separate files (and, of course, save them).

Download GAC File Splitter (530 kB).