Louden Wood Stone Circle

Forest of Deer

Louden Wood Circle is generally considered hard to locae, sited as it is in a dense conifer plantation. Matters are not helped by the fact that the sign indicating the path to the circle is located at White Cow Wood, almost a kilometre north of Loudon Wood (upper blue marker on map). Of course you can access the Circle from here after a circuitous walk of several kilometres: but it is easy to see why so many visitors get 'lost' in the process.

Rather, walk down the road for 8-10 minutes (red line between the two blue markers on the map) then follow the main (hard-core) woodland path that dog-legs south for about 10 minutes, until it turns rather sharply east (a narrow footpath continues south through the trees). Shortly after, you will encounter another prominent path on the right. At this point, although the dense ranks of conifer continue on your left, on the right, stretching for the following 150 metres is an area of much more open terrain, dotted not only with a few conifirs, but also with sycamore, rowan and beech.

Continue walking for 150 metres and stop when dense conifer woodland reappears on your right. A narrow footpath runs towards you along the edge of this conifer zone, crosses the forestry path you have been following, and continues into the dense woodland on your left (this path can be easily missed). About 100 metres along this path, mainly covered by brown conifer needles, you will encounter two grassy regions about 20 metres apart. Between these, look out for a similar path to your left: the circle is some 20-30 metres along here.

Path from White Cow Wood car-park
to Loudon Wood Recumbent Stone Circle
Bing Map showing the location of Loudon Wood RSC
Zoom out of this image to see the access road to the circle.
The Woodland Footpath to the Stone Circle
Louden Wood Stone Circle in its Forest Clearing
Louden Wood Stone Circle The Recumbent Stone and Remaining Flanker