Holmhead Recumbent Stone Circle

Located on Holmhead Farm, about five and a half kilometres northeast of Tarland (as the crow flies), this recumbent stone circle was only discovered in 2018.

Discovered only in 2018, Holmhead is the smallest of the Aberdeenshire Recumbent Stone Circles, around 8 metres in diameter.
It can be accessed from the road leading to Holmhead Farm.
It seems amazing that this circle escaped detection for so long: all its stones are clear to see on the zoomed Bing map below.

It was revealed on January 21, 2019 that the circle is in fact only about 20 years old, and was constructed by a previous farmer tenant of the property.

Google map showing the location of Holmhead Stone Circle
Holmhead Recumbent Stone CircleElevated view showing all the circle stones
A ground-level view of Holmhead RSC, from the west.