Dunnideer Hill Fort and nearby Stone Circles

All lying within five kilometres to the northwest of Insch are the remains of a number of recumbent stone circles: Candle Hill, Inschfield, Stonehead, Dunnideer and Wantonwells.

There are a number of Stone Circles in the vicinity of Insch, alas, most reduced to recumbent and flanker stones. Nevertheless, situated in beautiful contryside, and all in view of the remarkable Dunnideer Hill Fort, they are well worth a visit.

The best plan is to start from the parking place and ascend Dunnideer Hill by the path. A path continues from the Hill Fort westwards towards a prominent plantation, which you enter by a tall kissing gate. Once inside the plantation, follow the boundary fence northwards to the summit of the hill where you will find Dunnideer Stone Circle somewhat overwhelmed by trees. Continue following the boundary of the plantation north, then west, to an exit gate at its NW corner. Now you have to follow the road to the fork near Aulton. Bear left where Stonehead Circle is to be found in the field immediately after the first house on the left.

To visit the remains of Wantonwells Circle you must cross the level-crossing in Insch and take the second road on the left (signposted Old Leslie) for just under half a mile, till the trees on the right are replaced by a field.

Click on the map markers to identify each Stone Circle

Google Map showing the locations of the Stone Circles
The Hill Fort atop Dunnideer HillDunnideer Hill from near Dunnideer Stone Circle
The remaining stones of Dunnideer Stone CircleDunnideer Circle in January
Dunnideer Stone CircleDunnideer Circle with the Hill beyond
The Stonehead circle recumbent settingStonehead, looking towards Tap O Noth
Stonehead Stone Circle and Tap o'NothRemains of Wantonwells Stone Circle with Dunnideer Hill
Candle Hill Stone Circle showing the prostrate recumbent setting (at left), the remaining upright and the central mound
Inschfield Stone Circle with Dunnideer Hill beyondRecumbent setting at Inschfield Stone Circle