Balnuaran of Clava

5 miles SW of Inverness

Collectively referred to as the Clava Cairns, Balnuaran of Clava, situated just a mile from Culloden Battlefield, is a Neolithic cemetery, and consists of three large stone circles, each with a massive cairn at its centre. Two of the cairns are passage-graves while the middle one of the three is a ring-cairn (no passage). The southwest cairn is clearly visible, near the road, on the Bing Map below.

Zoom out of this image to see the access road to the circle.

The NE Passage Grave, showing the entrancewayBing Map showing the location of Balnuaran of Clava
Panoramic view, looking westwards, showing all three Clava cairns.
The SW Passage GraveThe Ring Cairn
Panoramic view, looking eastwards over the Ring Cairn, towards the northeast Passage Grave.