Kirkton of Bourtie and Sheldon Stone Circles

Just South of Oldmeldrum

These two stone circles lie some three kilometres southeast of Oldmeldrum and about two kilometres from one another. Kirkton of Bourtie stone circle is a scheduled ancient monument consisting of just a two upright circle stones, a truly huge recumbent (the longest known at 5.2 metres in length) and a single flanker on its eastern side. Despite these limited offerings, what remains provides a truly imposing spectacle and is well worth visiting. Sheldon Stone Circle, which crowns a low ridge, looks impressive from the road and indeed is over 30 metres in diameter. However, only six circle stones and a large outlier remain upright. If there was ever a recumbant stone, no trace of it now exists. The views from the circle are, however, expansive and well worth experiencing on a fine summer day.

Recumbent and Flanker - Kirkton of Bourtie Stone CircleLocation of Kirkton of Bourtie and Sheldon Stone Circles
Sheep grazing beside Kirkton of Bourtie Stone Circle
An elevated winter view showing Sheldon, free from undergrowth, as a distinct stone circle
A summer view of Sheldon Stone Circle, choked with vegetation