Aikey Brae Stone Circle

South of Old Deer

Aikey Brae is one of the finer Recumbent Stone Circles in NE Scotland and stands just south of a small, mature conifer plantation near the summit of Parkhouse Hill. It is signposted from the B9029 linking Old Deer and Maud, leading you south along the minor road to Parkhouse Farm. At the 3rd sharp bend (about 800 m along the road), a sign directs you uphill on the left. At the top of the hill, a kissing gate bearing an information board about Aikey Brae opens to the right on to the woodland path that leads directly to the Circle.

Zoom out of this image to see the access road to the circle.

Aikey Brae Stone CircleGoogle Map showing the location of Aikey Brae
Aikey Brae Recumbent Stone CircleAikey Brae Recumbent Stone Circle