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Newsletter No 80 - December 2023

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Cover image: Fire scar on the island of Rhodes

Reports this quarter include:

When Huricane Hilary lashed California last August, even Death Valley suffered such severe flooding that the National Park was forced to close for almost two months.
Richard Osborne describes his latest Experiments with IASI Data from EUMETCast.
A NASA article traces the history of The Netherlands Biesbosch region, now a renowned National Park.
How to get the best from Meteor M 2-3 GIS Infrared Images during the winter months.
Read how a ten year drought in central Chile came to an end when 'Atmospheric Rivers' dumped hundreds of millimetres of precipitation on the region.
Rarely seen because of persistent cloud, ESA has obtained a rare satellite image of Elephant Island in the Southern Ocean.
We revisit the matter of Arctic Sea Ice with the revelation that it fell to its sixth lowest summer extent on record this year.
Further articles deal with Wildfires in Canada, The Amu Darya river in Uzbekistan, The recent Annular Solar Eclipse across North America, the Retreat of Patagonia's Upsala Glacier - and much more besides.

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