Tomnagorn Stone Circle

Between Dunecht and Alford

Also known as Tannagorn, this Recumbent Stone Circle lies just off the B993, a few miles NNE of Torphins, on Tomnagorn Farm. My approach was from NJ654081, at a convenient parking space in the Bankhead Woodland (upper right on map). The route follows the western edge of a tongue of woodland that leads SW from the road and almost directly to the circle (switching from BirdsEye view to the OS map shows this belt of trees very clearly). Tomnagorn Stone Circle lies right at the edge of the woodland, in its own fenced-off enclosure.

The trees on the hillside to the south of the circle were felled in late 2013, allowing for the first time in many years, a conplete view over the monument.

Google Map showing the location of Tomnagorn Stone Circle
Tomnagorn Stone Circle in its Woodland ClearingThe Recumbent and remaining Flanker Stone
Tomnagorn stone circle viewed from the cleared hillsideTomnagorn Stone Circle looking West
Panoramic view of Tomnagorn Recumbent Stone Circle