Tilquhillie Stone Circle

Near Banchory

For many years, the reputed existence of a recumbent stone circle at Tilquhillie Castle was treated as little more than a myth. However, following intensive historical research, it is now firmly believed that a recumbent stone circle did indeed once stand in one of the fields southeast of Tilquhillie castle.

Already destroyed by the mid 1800s, two stones - both impressive - are believed still to exist, though neither on the actual site of the circle. The recumbent remains as a massive block, long discarded on to a consumption dyke (pink marker on map). The other, an impressive tapering pillar, possibly a flanker sits in a gap in a dyke almost adjacent to the gate of the castle.

Maps showing the locations of the two remaining stones
The recumbent, abandoned on a dyke A close-up view of the recumbent stone
Another view of the recumbent stone The flanker, relocated a few metres from Tilquhillie Castle