Old Keig Stone Circle

North of Alford

Old Keig Stone Circleis renowned as possessing the most massive recumbent stone of any of the Aberdeenshire stone circles. It's mass is estimated to be in excess of 50 tonnes! The flanking pillars are massive too, at nearly 3 metres in height. Access is straightforward: follow the unclassified road west for about one mile from the village of Keig to Old Keig farm. There is room to park just past the narrow plantation of trees stretching south from the foot of The Barmkyn. Old Keig Stone Circle lies within these trees, and is reached along a path through these trees.

Google Map showing the location of Old Keig Stone Circle
Old Keig Stone Circle in its Woodland Clearing The massive Pillars and recumbent at Old Keig Stone Circle
Old Keig Stone CircleThe circle viewed from the south
Old Keig Stone Circle viewed from the eastOld Keig Stone Circle