North Strone RSC

Strone Hill, just over a mile south of Alford

This stone circle is a Lilliputian among giants. With its tiny recumbent stone and sub-metre tall circle stones, Strone Hill Stone Circle is easily missed in the tall grass of summer. Access is best from Dikehead Cottage [NJ589145]. Almost immediately opposite, a path leads due south along a field edge to a plantation of trees, continuing uphill (southwest) close to the fence at its far boundary. Keep following the fence till you pass two large piles of dead tree stumps. The circle lies between the boundary fence and the final pile of stumps (these can clearly be seen by zooming in on the Aerial Map). Select Map/Ordnance Survey to view the topography of the area.

Note that the immediate surroundings of the stone circle have been cleared of trees and the circle now stands in an area of rough meadow, as shown in the photographs.

That's me beside the 'tallest' circle stone!Location of North Strone Stone Circle
Recumbent and Flankers with Bennachie behindThe two largest upright stones overlooked by Bennachie
Panoramic view of North Strone Stone Circle, with the fallen recumbent at far right