Louden Wood Stone Circle

Forest of Deer

Louden Wood Stone Circle used to be one of the more difficult stone circles to locate, but this has all changed following catastrophic damage at the hands of Storm Arwen in 2021. The section of Loudon Wood in which the Stone Circle stands has now been clear-felled leaving the megalith open to the horizon in most directions.

The best location from which to start a visit to Loudon Wood Stone Circle is the car-park at White Cow Wood. From there, it is a walk of 10 to 15 minutes south (red line between the two blue markers on the map) to the access path to the (former) woodland beside Auchmachar Lodge. Now follow the main (hard-core) woodland path that dog-legs south for about 10 minutes, until it turns rather sharply left (ignore the narrow footpath that continues south through the trees). Thus far, the path has been utterly treeless as it makes its way through the wasteland.

This section of path does have trees—on its right-hand side only—but these come to a sudden end after about 300 metres. Immediately you walk past the final tree, turn left and look uphill, where the old footpath to the stone circle is now a prominent feature.

About 60 metres along this path you will meet a branch path heading left, along which you can actually now see one of the stone circle's orthostats. Continue for another 50 metres or so and you will be overlooking Loudon Wood Stone Circle.

Path from White Cow Wood car-park
to Loudon Wood Recumbent Stone Circle
Google Map showing the location of Loudon Wood RSC
Zoom out of this image to see the access road to the circle.
Louden Wood Stone Circle after the woodland was clear-felled following severe damage from Storm Arwen
The Recumbent setting seen from the north The Recumbent setting seen from the south
The cleared footpath leading uphill from the track towards the Stone Circle
Louden Wood Stone Circle before the woodland was clear-felled
Louden Wood Stone Circle in the woodland The Recumbent Stone and Remaining Flanker