Cairnfauld Stone Circle

Cairnfauld Farm, 5 km east-southeast of Banchory off the A957, Aberdeenshire

To access the Cairnfauld Stone Circle, head down the Slug Road (A957) and park on the side road at Crossroads. Follow the main road for 300 metres then turn left towards Cairnfauld Farm. Continue left, between the barns and follow the track that curves to the east and takes you directly to the stone circle.

Four of the five stones recorded by Coles are still visible. The west stone, centre foreground in the sketch, has long been removed, and now lies prostrate beside the southwest stone. The dyke has acquired much field clearance in the past century, but the top of the south upright buried within it can still be seen. The fifth stone may still be present, but so many boulders have been piled on the dyke over the past century that it is not currently visible.

It is not now possible to view all five stones simultaneously from ground level, but a camera mounted on a monopod and held aloft can take in the entire circle (photograph at lower left).

The circle soon after the harvestLocation of Cairnfauld Stone Circle
Fred Coles' 1899 sketch of Cairnfauld Stone Circle showing the five remaining stones
This elevated view shows all 5 stonesThe impressive monolith in the field