Binghill Recumbent Stone Circle

Binghill is my 'local' stone circle: just a few miles along North Deeside Road. From Aberdeen, head west to the far end of Bieldside and turn right into Contlaw Road. The entrance to Binghill Estate lies just before the road bends, after passing the final houses on the right-hand side.

Walk east for about 300 metres until you are past the wooden trackside fence on your left, then head left, uphill through the beechwood. The stone circle lies just inside the drystane dyke where the northern boundary of the trees meets the field beyond.

Google Map showing the location of Binghill Stone Circle
Binghill Stone CircleThe impressive recumbent stone at Binghill Stone Circle
An elevated view showing the kerbBinghill Stone Circle at Winter Solstice 2010