Stone Circles near Alford

Several stone curcles are to be found in the environs of Alford - Loanend, Druidstone, Cothiemuir Wood, Druidsfield, North Strone, Auld Kirk O Tough and Howemill.

These stone circles all lie within easy travelling distance of Alford in Aberdeenshire, and can be comfortably visited in a single fine day. Cothiemuir Wood and Strone Hill circles are both reasonably complete, but the others are now only remnants. Photographs of the Strone Hill Circle, an unusual small RSC with diminuitive stones of red granite, can be viewed on its own page elsewhere on this site.

The giant recumbent and lone circle stone at LoanendGoogle Map showing Stone Circles near Alford
The splendid recumbent setting at Cothiemuir WoodThe diminuative North Strone Circle
The dilapidated Druidsfield RSCDruidstones - all that remains of this circle
Howemill - the trashed remnant of a 4-poster circleThe scant remnant of Auld Kirk O Tough Stone Circle