HDF Reader for Feng Yun-2 Imagery

China's Feng Yun 2 series of geostationary Earth observation satellites provide five channels of half-hourly imagery at a resolution of 4 km/pixel. They also provide a high-resolution, 1 km/pixel, visible image. The currently active satellites are Feng Yun 2D, Feng Yun 2E and Feng Yun 2F,

These images (and also MTSAT-1R ones) are packed in Heirarchical Data Format (HDF) files which can be downloaded from the China Satellite Data Service Center (CSDSC) at


You have to register for the basic service first (which allows you to download up to 500 MB of HDF files per day). Should you require greater volumes, you can e-mail CSDSC at dataserver@nsmc.cma.gov.cn

with a request to upgrade your subscription. The Help file in HDF Reader explains how to do this. There is no charge for this service.

Important Note
Several types of data product are available on the CSDSC download pages. Feng Yun HDF Reader can only resolve imagery from data described as "Normalized Geostationary Projection VISSR Data". These files are easily recognised—they are approximately 210 MB in size.

Download HDF Reader (718 kB) for Feng Yun-2 and MTSAT.

Double-click on the setup file to install the program.

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